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Szombathely is 2000-year-old and is the oldest town of the Carpathian Basin. Once here passed along the Amber Road, one of the most important commercial routes in Europe, and retired soldiers settled down here as well. The Iseum of Szombathely had been the third biggest Isis Sanctuary of Europe. In 2011 it was renewed and became a real gem of the modern city. Every year in August the town becomes a roman city, during the famous Savaria Historical Carnival, the biggest historical festival of Central Europe. Sain Martin, the most popular patron saint of Europe was born in Szombathely. The Saint Martin’s Church was built above its birthplace.  The Martinus Pilgrim Route – built in the 21st century – goes across our town. Traditionally the city commemorates Saint Martin by organizing weeks-long series of programs.
The city has plenty of historical and cultural attractions. Beside the ancient monuments, a considerable religious heritage can be found in the town. The Cathedral of Szombathely is the third largest cathedral in Hungary. The Lakeside Lido, the Boating Lake or the Thermal Baths offer great programs for the fans of the active tourism. Szombathely proves that it has been the center of the intellectual and cultural life, a wide range of performances of play and classical concerts are available for the visitors. Szombathely is also mentioned as the Gate of the West, because Austria is only a few minutes’ distance from here, but it is worth visiting also Kőszeg, Bük and Sárvár.

Attractions in Szombathely

Main Square

The Main Square of the town had already a special shape of a triangle in the 13th century but that was outside of the town walls. Fairs and markets were held here but the town center was the Berzsenyi square then. Today the Main Square is the intellectual and cultural center of Szombathely and a popular meeting point for everyone. From here everything can be easily reached and the square itself has plenty of attractions. It is worth to the start the sightseeing tour from the square. Discover the Queen of the West, we wish exciting roaming.

Iseum Savariense Center of Research and Archeological Collection

The Iseum Savariense is the most important architectural antique monument in Szombathely. The sanctuary was built in honor of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Due to its size, quality of construction and rich findings the Iseum in Savaria probably was the important centre of Isis-worship in the Danube region. There is a permanent exhibition called “The Home of the Goddess Isis in Savary” and also festivals are taking place at the Iseum.

Ruin Gargen István Járdányi Paulovics

The Ruin Garden presents the greatest contiguous part of the ruins to the visitors of the ancient Savaria: the imperial palace, the public baths, the customs house, the sanctuary of Mercurius and workshops, kilns of the potters, remain of the Roman routes, mosaic fragments and the castle. The most valuable part of the garden is the building-complex of the palace.

Historical Theme Park

The Historical Theme Park is waiting for visitors with a permanent interactive exhibition, as the demo-park of the ancient natural sciences.
Showcase warehouse of the Savaria Legion
In the neighborhood of the Historic Theme Park, in the Showcase warehouse of the Savaria Legion visitors can get familiar with the complete battle gear of the Legion XV Appolinaris. It can be visited in form of guided tours with live-demo.


Hungary’s third largest church, major work of Menyhért Hefele, was built by Bishop János Szily on Roman ruins, in the place of the demolished castle church and palace.

Episcopal Palace

On the ground floor of the Episcopal Palace the Sala Terrena can be visited where ancient inscripted stones are exhibited, which were stored in the former medieval castle, then collected by bishop János Szily.
Saint Martin’s Church
The eastern part of Szombathely, Szentmárton was once an independent settlement. According to the legend the church was built above the birthplace of Sain Martin in the 9th century. This fact was mentioned also by a traveler around 1740, because at that time the following inscription could be read above the entrance of the church. “HIC NATUS EST SANCTUS MARTINUS”, which means “Saint Martin was born here”.

Saint Martin’s Visitor Center

The starting-point of the Saint Martin European Cultural Route is the Saint Martin Visitor Center. Here can be found the church consecrated in honor of Saint Martin. According ot the legend the church was built above the birthplace of Martinus. Saint Martin was one of the most popular medieval patron saints. The king Saint Stephan had chosen him to the patron saint of Hungary.

Calvary Chruch

The church is situated on the hill of Calvary, which was built in honor of Saint Cross. The friary and prayer hall were created next to the church. This Calry church is the starting point of Saint Martin historical walks in Szombathely.


The Synagogue of Szombathely is one of the first synagogue built with a tower in Hungary. Since 1975 it has been used as a concert hall, where concerts of the Symphonic Orchestra, the opening concert of the Bartók Seminar, conductor contests and other high-standard events take place.
Museum Savaria
The “Region-Ages-Settlements” present the geology and the life in the western part of Transdanubia, highlighting the Palaeolithic village of Sé, the town of Velem- Saint Vid from the Bronze Age and the ancient settlement of Savaria.

Smidt Museum

The collection of Dr Lajos Smidt lanceteer chief doctor is the thesaurus of millennia. The renewed, interactive exhibition prests 14 collections since Stone Age till Biedermeier Age. The archaeological, military historic, book, photo, numismatic and medical history collections are countrywide curiosities. Painting, furniture, silver and porcelain art objects and old wearing are visitied in the Baroque, Empire and Biedermeier Hall.
Art Gallery of Szombathely
The Art Gallery of Szombathely opened in 1985, which has a countrywide collection of different arts and different exhibitions taking place time to time. The permanent collection contains also earlier works (17-19th century) but most of the paintings are from Hugarian artists from the 20th century.

Village Museum of County Vas

The Village Museum of county Vas presents the peasant lifestyle and folk architecture of the previous two centuries. Since the opening in 1973 the museum has managed to rescue and rebuild 43 building from 27 villages. The native Hungarian farm animals, the flora of the etnobotanic  garden and the regular folk-tradition programs make the house of the museum a real, living and vivid attraction.

Kámon Arboretum of the Forest Research Institute

The Kámoni Arboretum is situated in a 28 acres of natural beauty, which is the most selective beautiful garden in Pannonia (Hungary) and also favourite place for professional photographers to take pictures. The visitors can enjoy the evergreen shrubs, pinetrees and also the colorful rhododendrons, bay trees, and 120 years old giant trees. There is 5 km long walk, where you can enjoy the scenery of small lakes and natural beauty, also you can take a rest and have a picnic with comfortable wooden tables and benches along the walks. At the Arboretum there is an ecological teaching center for visitors, where interactive and spectacular exhibitions can be seen.

Boating Lake

The Boating and Fishing Lake is a gem of the city’s greenbelt. The area of ten hectares offers excellent possibilities for relaxing, entertainment and sports.
Indoor Swimming Pool & Thermal Baths
The Indoor Swimming Pool is open all year and the open-air Thermal Baths are open seasonally, which can be found in the most beautiful greenbelt of Szombathely.

Lakeside Lido

Near the Boating Lake the renovated Lakeside Lido is waiting for the water adventurers. By using the swimming, training and children pools and water slides even the hottest days can be really enjoyable.

Adventure City

In the center of the one-hectare-area the wooden castle with its nine towers, slides and rope ladders offer endless possibilities for cheerful play.

Moonlight Grove Adventure Park

The adventurous and splendid Moonlight Grove give the possibility here to try out different exciting sport equipment (cableway in the forest, quad, rafting) and to spend some active hours, days or weeks far from the busy town.

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